Friday, 20 July 2012

JPWRC to empower women in panchayats

The Jharkhand Panchayat Women Resource Centre (JPWRC) will empower newly elected women panchayat members in Jharkhand, said Hemlata S Mohan, chairperson, Jharkhand Women Commission (JWC) at the State-level workshop on the issue of decentralisation in Jharkhand on Monday.
Jharkhand Legal Services Authority (JHALSA), Jharkhand Women Commission (JWC), UNICEF and Manthan Yuva Sansthan have partnered for JPWRC that will orient and empower large number of newly elected women panchayat members.
“We will create platforms to share experiences, provide capacity building opportunities to newly elected women panchayat members and provide thematic exposures on water and sanitation, nutrition, child protection and other like issues. The Centre will also facilitate campaign on women and child related issues at village level through women PRI members,” said Deepak Kumar Dey, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, UNICEF, Jharkhand.
“The State had reserved 50 per cent of the seats for women in the Panchayat election. However, 57 per cent of the elected representatives in Jharkhand are women. Most of these elected women representatives belong to marginalised communities and are from poor economic background. They are new entrants in the grassroot politics and governance system calling for a mechanism to orient and empower them,” informed Sudhir Pal, secretary, Manthan Yuva Sansthan.
According to Ashok Bhagat, president, Vikas Bharti,   the panchayat elections have ensured empowerment at rural level by reducing the cases of corruption by almost 40 per cent. An increase in the number of implementation of Government sponsored schemes at grassroots level after the formation of panchayat has also been noticed.
More than 60 participants from various NGOs, Panchayat Head and senior Government officials participated in the day-long workshop. The participants shared their experience on decentralisation and empowerment of panchayat in State during the workshop.
(The Pioneer, Monday, 26 March 2012)

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